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Watershed Plans Result in a Body of Work

Watershed Management Plans completed to date for the a portion of Lake Winnipesaukee have resulted in a growing database of sites in need of mitigation. As part of the watershed management planning process, watershed surveys identify and document sites that are contributing pollutants to the lake.  The Plans along with the Restoration Sites Map are located on the Winnipesaukee Gateway website.

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  1. Glenn Hogue says:

    Anyone at WE-CAN! following the progress of the newly resubmitted Langley Cove project?

    This is Brady Sullivan’s 291 units of housing being jammed on top of the Langley Brook & the last real green space left on the Eastern side of the bay, which by the way is the city’s back up water supply. Seems like an overreach to build this much housing on such a steep and fragile slope. Too bad the city couldn’t do a land swap and connect this land with the Prescott Farm.

    • ptarpey says:

      Yes, the Lake Winnipesaukee Association is following this proposed project, and is reviewing potential negative impact to water quality in Paugus Bay.

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