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EPA’s Septic System Outreach Toolkit

Across the country, local environmental groups, health departments, and governments face challenges posed by improperly maintained and failing septic systems. EPA assists these local agencies in promoting homeowner education and awareness.

The Outreach Toolkit contains materials targeted to homeowners that can be downloaded from this web site and printed. These materials show how many organizations have launched successful homeowner education programs.


Outreach Materials


To help people better understand the functioning of septic systems and how to care and maintain this critical component of their home, the Lake Winnipesaukee Association has sponsored several Septic Sense Seminars around the Winnipesaukee watershed; thank you to the Wolfeboro Community TV for filming one of the seminars.

You can access the video of the Septic Sense program via YouTube at the following links: Septic Sense – Part 1 ; Septic Sense – Part 2 ; Septic Sense – Part 3; and Septic Sense – Part 4.

NHDES also has videos on Septic System Management for Homeowners, Septage Management for Municipalities, and A Guide for the Septage Hauling Professional.


Quick Information Sheets


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